Yo guys, check it out, guess what happened to me!

Thirteen years ago, I–a nerdy third grader–fell in love. I fell in love with Aaron Carter when I got his album Oh Aaron as a birthday gift; I listened to it over and over again, and I still know every word to every song. The last track on the album was Cowgirl (Lil’ Mama), which was about him falling for a girl he saw when he played a show in Texas. I wanted it to be about me so badly.

oh aaron

My mom took my cousin and me to our first concert to see him at the Indiana State Fair in 2002, and I remember I had just gotten my ears pierced, but you are supposed to leave in the studs for 6 weeks after you get them pierced before you can switch out your earrings. But I wanted to wear hoops to impress Aaron in case I saw him at the concert (LOL) (LOL). And then, on a summer trip to Austin, my dad took me to Waterloo Records for the first time, and of course I had to get Aaron’s new album, Another Earthquake. Teasing ensued.

another earthquakeThis summer my friend told me that Aaron was touring again, and that he had a show in Austin. He played Stubbs on December 9th, and we got VIP tickets to meet him. I was so incredibly excited to meet him, and if it was possible, I wanted him to be excited to meet me too. So I did something ridiculous, I started this hashtag on Instagram #aarondateemily2k14. And he LIKED one of them and followed me, it was amazing.

Screenshot 2014-12-17 00.46.44The concert was about a week ago, and when I walked in to meet him, he kind of started laughing and then he said I looked familiar, and when I told him it was from the hashtag, he remembered me! And he took selfies of us on my phone, and as I was walking away, he said I was cute!

Aaron & MeY’all, there is literally no other celebrity who I have loved more, or for longer, or who I would’ve liked to meet more than Aaron, and it was perfect. He is so sweet, he is always trying to make his fans feel appreciated. And we had a blast at his show, he played a couple of old songs (Aaron’s Party & I Want Candy) but it was mostly new songs; the show was so high-energy and his dancers were amazing.

I am a big believer in “everything happens for a reason,” and I am about to graduate and start my career which is terrifying, but this–meeting Aaron Carter and him recognizing ME–makes me feel like anything is possible. I can’t help but reflect on 10-year-old Emily, whose first crush just called her ugly; if she only knew that one day Aaron Carter would say she was cute. I am so endlessly grateful for this experience. (p.s. Aaron if you ever read this, #aarondateemily2k14 was for humor but was also a serious suggestion. Offer never expires. HMU)


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